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SPEED Saddle Inserts

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Why choose the SPEED Saddle Inserts?

So you can minimize string pullouts and string breaks.

CNC machined from solid brass.


Each saddle insert is designed to provide maximum clamping force on each string, to prevent pullouts but yet gentle enough to minimize string breaks.

Due to its unique design, it also reduces the load on the saddle threads for longevity. So you can now dive bomb and do pullups all day and focus on your music. 

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(Patent Pending)

Custom saddle inserts for wound strings have a special groove that provides more than one clamping surfaces on the saddle. This gives a total of three clamping surfaces onto the string within the saddle.

The groove also prevents the string from moving and keeps it center on the saddle insert at all times.

Saddle Diagram 1.png
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(Patent Pending)

The saddle insert has a hole at the bottom that allows the string to sit in, therefore minimizing pullouts on unwound strings and includes a radius corner to minimize string breakage.


Floyd Rose Original

Floyd Rose Special

Floyd Rose EVH

Floyd Rose 1000

Floyd Rose 1500

Schaller Lockmeister

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