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Nutbar 1.1.png
Nutbar 6.1.png


Optimal Tuning Stability — Guides each of the six strings that are at different angles going to the nut, so they all flow straight to the bridge.

Compact and Stealthy — Once installed, the NutBar is compact and steatlhy looking.

Easy and Quick Installation — NutBar is easy and quick to install without any modification or drilling.

Compatibility — Works on JS Series Jacksons only, with a non-locking nut with a width of 1.6875" or 42.8 mm. Works only with the truss rod adjustor located at the headstock. Not compatible with angled cut nuts.

Precision — CNC machined aluminium, anodized in black and silver.

Aesthetics — NutBar maintains the unique string angle of the stock headstock.

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