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SPEED Designs

Pro Cooling Base

For the Mac Pro

Pro Cooling Base Top.png

Introducing the Pro Cooling Base by SPEED Designs. The only solution to bring power back to the cylindrical Mac Pro. An external air pressure system made to seamlessly integrate with the chassis to form one complete and secure structure. Designed to fully unlock the potential for professionals to run their system beyond the boundaries and use the hardware to its limit.

Mac Pro Front

CNC Machined. The construction of the cooling base is composed of solid billet aluminium to support the weight of the Mac Pro.

Always cool to the touch. The unified air chamber inside the cooling base is made to evenly distribute the airflow supplied by the fan. Four open exit chambers at the top of the cooling base meet the bottom intake vents of the Mac Pro to provide it with the highest amount of airflow.

Prepared for anything. The high pressure airflow fan installed below the cooling base is made to supply all the air needed to keep the Intel Xeon CPU and dual AMD FirePro GPUs within a safe temperature range. Ensuring the best performance during constant work and heavy loads to the system. Also prolonging the lifespan of the electronics of the Mac Pro by keeping temperatures 10-20 degrees below T junction, depending on load and ambient room temperature.

Long term investment for your Mac Pro. As the cooling base provides the system with a sustaining amount of air, the CPU, GPU, RAM and PSU are kept at a never before seen low temperature; where the system will not overheat or underclock due to extreme heat throttling. The cool air from the cooling base will consistently force the hot air out of the cylindrical chassis, creating the perfect environment for the hardware to run.

Simplicity at its finest. The Mac Pro is placed directly on top of the cooling base, elevated to give it style and straightforward to install. It is powered by a single USB connector, making installation of the solution easy and simple; also keeping the setup clean and conforming to the Mac Pro.

Made for the Mac Pro. Compatible only with the Late 2013 Mac Pro. (Cylindrical)

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