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Mac Mini Silver Front
Mac Mini Grey Front

SPEED Mini Cooling Base

The ultimate cooling solution for your Mac mini.

  • CNC machined from solid billet aluminium to complement your Mac mini and anodized for durability.

  • Keep your Mac mini cool with your heaviest video editing and business demands.

  • Quiet design to ensure proper cooling while keeping up with internal temperatures.

  • Brings 15-30 degree temperature difference, depending on the load, and ambient room temperatures. (Tested on Intel based Mac mini computers)

  • Made not only to cool the CPU, but to cool every other component such as the RAM and PSU.

  • Complete Wi-Fi transparency for the internal AirPort Card to transmit without interference.

  • Power supplied through USB for straight forward install.

  • Elevated to showcase your Mac mini.



  • Mid 2010 Mac mini (Unibody)

  • Mid 2011 Mac mini (Unibody)

  • Late 2012 Mac mini (Unibody)

  • Late 2014 Mac mini (Unibody)

  • Late 2018 Mac mini (Unibody)


  • 2020 Mac mini (M1)

  • 2023 Mac mini (M2)

Mac Mini Grey Back

Simple one step to get started on cooling your Mac mini.

One USB connector to power it all.

Mac Mini Silver Back

USB powered fan beneath the cooling base to supply air to the Mac mini.

Radio transparent inserts on the front and back of the fan for AirPort Wi-Fi card functionality.

Specially machined groove to lock and secure into the Mac mini.

Air channel system above the fan to ensure maximum cooling capabilities.

Designed and made in Canada from CNC machined billet aluminium.

Mini Cooling Base Top Front
Mini Cooling Base Top Back
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