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SPEED Intonation Tool

For the Floyd Rose Tremolo

The SPEED Intonation Tool was developed for the guitar techs. The tool allows for rapid and precise intonation setups which is normally time consuming without a tool.

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 - Graduated knob markings for precise saddle adjustments.

 - Ambidextrous for left or right hand tuning.

 - Flat '♭' and Sharp '♯' indicated with saddle directions engraved on both sides of the tool.

 - Works on FR Bridges equipped with EVH D-tuna.

 - Twin saddle claws to ensure accurate alignment once the saddle is locked after intonation.

 - CNC machined from solid billet aluminium and anodized for durability.


Floyd Rose Original

Floyd Rose Special

Floyd Rose EVH

Floyd Rose 1000

Floyd Rose 1500

Schaller Lockmeister

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