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SPEED frame

A pedalboard like no other.

The simplicity of being able to evolve the pedalboard to match your current set of guitar pedals.


Bring your own wood and pedals.

We make the frame, you make the rest.
This is the first pedalboard where one size fits all!

Long gone are the days where you wonder what size pedalboard to get when starting out.
No more pedals on the floor because your pedalboard is too small and full.

Build your pedalboard, your way...

Up to 100cm
(approx. 40")

Discontinued (2023-2024)

Determine the length you need,

The choice is yours. Make it enough for all your pedals. The recommended maximum length of wood 100cm (approx. 40") can support up to 10 standard guitar effects pedals.

Sizing the pedalboard,

Visit your local lumber store to get off-the-shelf wooden boards, then have it cut to your desired length.
(Some lumber stores may even cut it for you at little or no cost.)
You may even paint, stain and decorate the wooden board to complement your playing environment.

Affix to the frame,

CNC machined from billet aluminium, the SPEED frame makes a durable yet remarkable system to form your new pedalboard. Included alongside your pedalboard frame are wood screws to bolt everything together.

And you're done.

Now, if you ever change your setup to require a different length, just rinse and repeat the steps again. That's the beauty of the SPEED frame system, you keep the frame forever and always be able to change its size.

Wooden board shown not included.

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