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  • SPEED SHO-Fan for Founders Edition

    SKU: SPG0001
    • The SPEED SHO-Fan is designed with aerodynamic airfoil blades to move air at the highest possible flow rate, with minimum air noise to cool the NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics card.


    • The SPEED SHO-Fan will output more airflow at a lower fan speed, making the system more silent and less noticeable when it speeds up.


    • Even when the system is in a SLI setup, the SPEED SHO-Fan will easily draw the required air to cool the heatsinks for both NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics cards.


    • The SPEED SHO-Fan's contribution to the performance of your graphics card, helps you game with more frames and gives the graphics card the temperature potential to overclock.


    • The SPEED SHO-Fan is CNC machined from USA grade billet aluminum and has been put through an anodization process for durability.


    • The SPEED SHO-Fan contributes to the system performance and complements the look of your NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics card.



    -SPEED SHO-Fan with Motor

    -Mounting Instructions

    -One Year Limited Product Warranty


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